Task Template from Calendar View

Another big +1 for this! I have multiple teams that use calendar view for content and marketing and have to switch back and forth from list view just to add a task is cumbersome. Would love love love the option to add a task template to the calendar view!

+1 from our team as well. The Calendar view is central to our management process, and this seems like an easy UX win. Hoping this comes soon!

+1 from yet another project manager who wishes they can use all of the task templates they made while in Calendar View.

Other tasks managing systems have such feature and it well overdue here. Please listen to your community.

Second this! Would be super helpful to be able do this rather than switching from list to calendar. Cheers all :slight_smile:

It has been 4 years since we have been requesting this feature. It would be sooo helpful to create tasks from templates in Calendar view. Please make it happen

Adding my support (in addition to my vote up top). PLEASE ASANA, make this happen!!

You’re my hero. This is a decent workaround for us for now! I didn’t notice it before, but I really appreciate you sharing the workaround!