Create tasks from Templates in Calendar View

My team and I have a revolving project where we strictly use calendar view to manage our marketing calendar. We various forms of tasks based on what campaign’s we’re sending. Most of these tasks have various sub-tasks and settings that should/would be best duplicated from a template.

To add items to the calendar, it’s easiest/best to do it directly from the calendar view, so to do this within List View is not workable.

Currently, I’m having to duplicate 6-10 subtasks for every single campaign. What a long and redundant process!

Here’s a quick video showing exactly what I’m talking about: 2023-03-29_13-30-21 - TechSmith Screencast - TechSmith Screencast

Creating new tasks from templates is SOOOO close… let’s just move it over to calendar view as well as List View so we can get back to crushing our work days!!! We can’t be the only ones that would benefit from this feature.


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