Task Report Filtered by Assigned To and Sorted by Assigned By


It’s easy to get a sorted view that shows me all tasks assigned by a user sorted by “assigned to”…

I need the inverse…

I need to see all the people assigning users a task. Propose we accomplish that by adding “Assigner” to the filter options…

Search Results (assigned to: {User) -> Filtered/Sorted by Assigner

I need this to identify who is using a resource…



Hi @jwogrady and welcome to the Forum!

I’ve some great news for you :slight_smile: We already have a filter “Assigned by” within the “Add filter” option (see screenshot below).

So what you can do is search for all tasks assigned by X and sort your results by Assignee by clicking on the little icon at the right corner of your screen (see screenshot below):

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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