Task repeats delayed by a week or month when completed in that same week/month

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Since a recent change/update, if a task is set to repeat weekly or monthly etc, if it’s set to repeat on say the 29th of the month, and it gets completed on the 2nd, it won’t recreate for the same month on the 29th, it will skip a month.

We’ve been late on monthly reports for this reason.

Same with weekly tasks, weekly things in my business haven’t happened because of this - sometimes it takes me a few days to complete a task, but I still want it to appear again that same week/month if it’s set to repeat weekly/monthly, not skip the entire week/month

Steps to reproduce:

Set a task to repeat monthly on the 29th. Complete it. Watch it regenerate for the following month instead of this month on the 29th

Browser version:

Chrome up to date version

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?


Upload screenshots below:

There is no screenshot to show you that will confirm anything

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Hi, I have done a Loom to illustrate what happens: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

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I’m having the same issue. very difficult to catch and fix when it happens!! resulting in missed tasks.

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Hi @Sophie_Nicole_Casey1 and @Ruth_Wong, sorry to hear about this issue.

@Sophie_Nicole_Casey1, to clarify, you’ve had this workflow set up for a while, and only recently the problem started, is that correct?

@Ruth_Wong can you confirm if that’s the case for you too?

I’ll escalate this report for our Developers for investigation.

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Hi Vanessa, yes it’s only been happening for the past couple of months, I just didn’t get around to reporting it when it first affected me, thanks

And yes @Vanessa_N it used to work as expected, we never used to have issues, we’ve been managing our end of month reports like this for a very long time with no issues previously…thanks

Thank you for confirming, and sorry for the trouble. I’ve reported this issue to our developers and will keep you posted!

Hi @Sophie_Nicole_Casey1, sorry for the delay here. Our Developers have confirmed that this is the currently expected behavior, but made a note of this case as an opportunity for future improvements. Unfortunately, they are not able to share an ETA for change, but I’ll be monitoring this request and will let you know once there’s any update.

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