Task Name Variable Missing from Rules that Create Subtasks

@Marie - Task name and People variable options are no longer showing when building rules. Here’s a current rule from one of our projects where this ability exists. I can also confirm as of 2024-05-27 that this rule still works and is able to utilize the Task name variable correctly.

When I attempt to create this rule elsewhere, Task name no longer appears as an option. However, since I had this rule defined in a Bundle, I am able to add it to a new project using a Bundle and can confirm the Task name variable is still working as defined. I just cannot create any new rules that create subtasks and attempt to use the Task name as a variable.

What happened? Was the amazing feature deprecated?

Update: I can confirm the approach provided by @Richard_Sather , mentioned here, helped resolve this issue.

  1. Create a rule with a single trigger set to “Task is added to this project”
  2. Define your conditions and actions as normal. You will see the Task name and People variables as expected.
  3. Once finished, update your trigger to your desired conditions. e.g., I replaced "“Task is added to this project” with “When flag is changed.”

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