task i did not create

I have a task I never created and no one else did.

It said I did it just a little bit ago and I don’t know this name nor do I know why it would show up.

So basically this task appeared out of nowhere and you have no idea what created it? Can you go to your profile settings → Apps and see if any app listed there could have created the app? Also did you generate a personal access token you might have given to someone or an app?

Last question: did you ask Yolanda? :rofl:

Okay apparently Asana has Psychic powers… we got in an email later the day from this name. She sent in a Jotform many hours later and we have no idea how it showed up hours beforehand in Asana with just her name? Super weird.


The Jotform was probably stuck but it triggered the Asana task creation anyway.

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I agree with @Bastien_Siebman, this is likely due to some lag on Jotform side. Closing this bug for now, but please let us know if you run into this issue again!

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