Task Field Data not transfering to other projects

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: In my uploaded project I have hours allocated to each task. I put these under a field I call “Hours bid”. They show up in the project. When I add the task to another project “Priority list”, the hours do not show up in the second project.
Any idea why?

Hi @Shane_Stalling and welcome to the forum!

There are two types of custom fields in Asana - project-specific fields and organization-wide fields that are based in the custom fields library. You can read about both types and the differences here:

Most likely “Hours bid” is a project-specific field in that one project. If you add it to your custom fields library, you should see it show up in the second project.


Thanks Phil. The “hours Bid” is in our custom fields library. It is showing up in the second project, but the numbers are not transferring with it. (the second project is added to the task of the first project).
For example -
The task in the client project, is added to our Priority list project. The hours bid are showing in the client project, but not the priority list project.

It sounds like there is a project-specific “Hours Bid” field in the client project. Unfortunately Asana lets you have both a project-specific and organization-wide custom field of the same name.

Try adding “Hours Bid” to the client project from the library and see if it will add it, and if that leaves you with two “Hours Bid” fields in that project.


Thanks Phil. That was the issue. I am importing my projects from Excel, Is there a way to recognize the field as an organization wide custom field?

I am not 100% sure about this but I believe if you delete the project-specific one (obviously you’ll want to copy its values to the org-wide one first), then next time you do an import, Asana will import into the only existing field of that name which will be the org-wide one.