Task Disappears Once Automated Rule is triggered

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

I have built a workflow but the task will disappear at the last step, which is intended to mark the task as complete and move it to another section of the same project.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Once the task is marked complete and it has been moved to a section ( the current ‘work in progress’ section), it triggers the task to move to another section and to be marked as incomplete.
  2. Once the task is marked complete and it has been moved to a section ( the current ‘approval’ section), it triggers the task to move to the ‘completed’ section. It is moved here but does not show under the section; you have to search for the task and it shows the proper project/section but is not visible.

Browser version: Tried on multiple browsers and desktop app

Upload screenshots below:

@Nick_Schaller can you show the workflow for how and when its marked complete? I have the habit of making the task marked complete after its already moved to the section, not prior to. That way it can run the automation all it wants to, but the last thing is marking complete triggered by the section, in lieu of mark complete → move to section.

Just a thought, when i have a user who clicks through the task drop downs too quickly for example, if i have the user click off the task details (right pane in your screen shot) and then back on the task it tends to refresh or update quickly, or its placebo but might be worth a try.

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Thank you for your quick response, Michael.

The part of the workflow where the task becomes lost is as follows:

The idea is once the task is marked complete, it is automatically moved to Completed section (archive).


i see what you are trying to do. I would say turn off the trigger to mark complete… then you can add it to be an action ( below the move task to a certain section card ). Give that a try, see if the results are different.

Hi @Nick_Schaller,

How do you have your view’s filter set? Is it possible it’s set to “Incomplete tasks” rather than “All tasks”?


That was it, thank you!

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