Task Comment Button Behavior


The behavior of the message box within tasks behaves badly, and makes typing out replies to messages frustrating. When I click inside the message box, an animation occurs, causing the “Comment” button to slide into view along with other rich text features. Fine. But then when I click anywhere off of the message, the animation occurs again causing the “Comment” button to slide back out of view and changing the visibility of my comment. Most infuriating is that it happens even when I’m merely trying to scroll through my message for proofreading. Then, when I see something that needs editing, clicking inside the message causes the “Comment” button to slide out once more, shifting the text that I need to edit out of view AND causing the bottom arrow of the scroll bar to disappear, and then I can’t even scroll down to the bottom of my own message to continue typing. I have to click inside the message box and then use my arrow keys to reach the bottom. That is ridiculous.

The animation also affects the scroll bar for the rest of the task. Is the “slide-out” animation for the “Comment” button really necessary? I have found it to be terribly frustrating while responding to my coworkers, and my job necessitates long messages several times a day. Is there a way to disable this animation?

I am using Google Chrome on Windows 7 Enterprise, but this issue also occurs in Windows Explorer.

Thank you!


Thanks for reaching out and my sincere apologies for the trouble.

You’re completely right, as it stands, when you click anywhere out of the Comment box, the “Comment” button + rich text option does disappear and reappear the second you click back into the comment Box. However, it should’t move when you’ve clicked out of the Comment Box and simply scroll through your comment; if this happens to you, try logging in with an incognito window and see if you can reproduce the issue, it might just be a browser-related issue.

Unfortunately, there is no option to disable this animation at the moment, but we will evaluate this option for future improvements.

Again so sorry for the trouble and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us, we really appreciate it!


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I experienced the same behavior in an incognito window.