Fix this urgently? Inbox replies go out of window after a certain amount of text

When replying from the inbox, if the text goes beyond a certain length in the comment, the “Comment” button goes outside the viewport and is unscrollable after that.

Have to use Tab+Enter to comment, or just go to inspect element and fix the height of the div, so I can read what I’ve written above/below the viewport.

Please fix this. It seems like an easy fix.

  1. Here’s the problem:

  2. Here’s how it becomes unscrollable once enough text is written in the comment box:

  3. Here’s how I fix it lol:

Hi @Rish_Arora and thank you so much for reporting this issue. Can you confirm if you’re able to reproduce this bug with multiple browsers?

Could you also let me know what OS and browser (+version) you’re using?

Thank you!

Marking this resolved for now! @Rish_Arora please reach out if you’re still running into trouble!