Target Custom Field Reports for Automations

As I have been helping my organization bring some automations to our workflows going, the one thing I keep wishing for is the ability to target shared custom fields and then pass it through to an output.

For example, I’m using two rules right now—each with five branches—to auto assign a task to one of ten project members which looks like this:

When New Task is added >

  • Branch 1 If Custom Field Contains Tom > Assign Tom to Task.
  • Branch 2 If Custom Field Contains Mendy > Assign Mendy to Task.
  • Branch 3 If Custom Field Contains Beth > Assign Beth to Task.
  • etc…

What I would like is:

When new task is added > Add Person from “X-Custom Name Field”. No Branches Necessary

It would also be great to have the ability to have a “Custom Field” option under the Assignee variable options. That way, when a new subtask is auto-added because of a trigger it could auto assign a pre-determined person without them having to be a Task Creator, Rule Triggerrer, or the Task’s Assignee.