Tags View - allow board style view

I like to use tags on my tasks within Asana. I find that this is a good way of categorizing tasks into buckets that can then be viewed via the Tag view.

It would be nice to be able to view tagged tasks in the board view as well as list view. My use case is for denoting SCRUM tasks for my project teams. If the SCRUM tag is given to a task, it is treated as a priority item. We use the tag view for our daily check in calls because you can look at tasks across multiple projects. Viewing the tasks in a board view would be a nice option for our team members as it would be cleaner (in our opinion).


+1000 on this. I would love, on the board view, to be able to filter by tags (now it’s just possible filter by fields).

This will be really helpful to plan sprints



¡Yes! Now in the board view I can see a color label, but I am not able to see the name of the tag.

It would be pretty handy to have some visibility options for tags when in board view that allow the user either to display or hide tag names. That would make easier to scan through tasks in the board view.


I agree – tags are a crucial way of managing tasks for my team, and I would love to see them in a board view with the actual text, and differentiated from the project!


+1 would really like to be able to use the kanban view as my default with smart filtering on tag+owner, tag+status field, etc.


same, i have too many different tags to memorize all the color codes. would love to see the name of the tag as well


I would REALLY love to be able to sort tags in the “tag view” using smart filters and board view to view tag “buckets” like others have mentioned.

I really don’t understand (please correct me if I am missing something here) why tags are showing in a list that has the project titles as section headings, then also shows the project titles with their “project” tag, plus the actual tag I gave them, for example here:

I don’t need (nor want) the ‘task’ to be shown as a list and essentially appearing twice in that list because of the list headings being the project titles. I know what projects each ‘task’ is associated with based on the ‘project tags’ that show up on the right-side of the table so the headings being project titles and breaking up the information that way as well seems redundant to me (and a bit annoying because it makes me count a ‘task’ twice in the list. I hope this makes sense… @Marie might you be able to help me out with this?

I’d love to know if there’s a solution for this - to get rid of those headings and only see the task listed once no matter how many projects it is associated with. I don’t seem to be able to sort this information at all. I’m on the free plan.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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