Tagging or referencing attachments

Is there a way for a team to reference existing attachments (files) that have been uploaded into a project, rather than uploading again?

I added a file during a task discussion, so it is part of the project, but in another task I wanted to bring that file to the attention of people working on that different task. I tried @filename to reference it but it didn’t work. I ended up copy / paste the attachment url.

I think being able to @reference the file like you can with other objects (people, tasks, projects etc) would make for a more consistent interface



So far as I know, asana doesn’t let you at-tag attachments, but:

  • You can achieve a similar (though less pretty) result by copying and pasting the address of attachment (see visuals below)
  • The disadvantage here is the long, messy-looking link, as asana doesn’t allow you to turn words into links. You can make your link cleaner using bit.ly (as suggested by @Sebastian_Paasch here)

And paste!

I would want to tag an attachment in a comment section (like you would now add a person, task or project > @attachment name)
and also tag an attachment to several tasks / projects


Hey @Floris_Assies, merged your request thread with this one - don’t forget to hit ‘vote’ at the top left =)

I think this would be lovely, and I know that it’s a little similar to the ‘referencing images’ dilemma in comments, but hopefully some sort of workaround or solution presents itself.

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This would be a great feature as I would like to have just a collection of images/designs to reference for the build team. Adding a clickable link is easy enough but would be faster and save a step if we can just reuse the image from existing files.

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Yeah I thinik that this feature will be incredibly useful!

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I’ve run into wanting this feature. We’ll end up with several attachments on a task, and it would be super helpful to be able to @-mention the files.

Hey Asanas,

is there any ETA for the attachments to be @mention-able and searchable also? What the community thinks about this feature?

Asana never gives any ETA sadly :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha. asana want to surprise us. That’s the reason :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m surprised this request is buried. It would be very convenient to be able to @-mention attachments, even if it’s just from within a task’s own attachments.

Interesting… :thinking: I never considered this, but can see situations in which this might be handy. Especially when a document exists within Asana and a standard naming convention is used making it easy to locate. It would prevent users from having to externally seek out a link to the document within their file-storage system or manually attach a local copy.

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