How can I turn a word into a link?

I frequently need to post links within my comments and descriptions. Most HTML-based editors allow me to make a word into a link (like this). Is there a way to do this within Asana?

I’m tired of posting long strings of html garbage when it would be prettier and simpler to just post a link. For example, in the google drive ecosystem, ctrl+k will allow me to the text I’ve selected into a link.

I’m hoping there’s an answer less complicated than what @Myroslav_Opyr posted here! :astonished:

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I personally use URL shortener like if URLs are 100 characters and more long. Looks better and if wanted I have analytics about how many people clicked etc.



Really nice idea - and I’ll probably do that. But what a joke to have to work around such basic functionality… this message board has it but Asana doesn’t?! Ha!

I think some of the post and comment formatting could benefit from more markdown capabilities like you see here. While I don’t want full blown formatting as it would get really heavy, markdown is a simplistic but elegant solution.


Totally agree! Full blown formatting is unnecessary.