Tagging multiple people at onece

Is there a way to tag multiple people at once in a message or task? Do I need to create a “team” of people that I commonly tag in messages or tasks?

Hi @Baker_Chambliss , you can search for a team in the ‘To’ of a message, as per below which will send the message to all users that are members of that team…

…and you can also search for a team when assigning a task to multiple people, as per below which will create copies of the same task for each person (you can read more, here)

The key is to create those teams in Asana with the relevant users as members of those teams.

:bulb: Note that @mentioning a team in a task’s description, a task’s comment or other surfaces (such as the body of a message, status update, project description etc.) it will merely create a link to that team’s overview page in Asana - it will NOT ‘tag’ them or notify them in any way.

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