Tag Tasks/Subtasks in Custom Fields



Hi there,

Right now I’m working on a high-level planning calendar for my team. This isn’t so broad as an editorial calendar where we’re pulling in tasks from other projects, but it is the type of calendar that tracks high level initiatives on a month-by-month basis.

Essentially, we want to see at a glance all of the campaigns that are touching each month. I’ve imported the current project from a csv we were using before and would ideally like to keep this structure without completely reformatting everything manually (though I realize that may not be possible). Here’s an example of how it’s set up:

My question is this: Is there any way to tag and/or create subtasks/tasks in those custom fields? That way we could still link to a projects if we wanted

I know it seems silly to not just import the tasks onto the calendar view, but this is a bit more nuanced and we wouldn’t always be tracking something that already exists in a project. It would be a mix of non-tasks and tasks that are linked to projects.

I’ve also thought about formatting differently such as


  • Task 1 [Tag: Initiative 1]
  • Task 2 [Tag: Initiative 3]


  • Task 3 [Tag Initiative 2]

And so on. But then we’d have to create dozens of tags for every campaign we’re organizing. And then we also run into the issue of the “non-tasks” that I have that I would technically need to create as tasks for this format to work.

Does my question make sense? Is there a much simpler way of doings things that I’m not thinking of?