tableau + asana for Tracking progress of task across columns

Hi, I’m trying to integrate tableau with our asana project.
We basically have a kanban board and I want to be able to track status changes across the board. What I’m trying to accomplish is the ability to measure our cycle time and I don’t want to use external applications.

When I connect to our project via tableau, I can see current status of all tasks and everything but where can I find the history of changes for a given task?

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But Tableau is an external application… :thinking:

I’m not familiar with Tableau but FYI I know Screenful reports on this data.

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yeah, I didn’t explain it properly.
Let me try it again: I don’t want to use/pay for another external application, as I can use the existing tableau infrastructure that we already have in place.

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Hi @Fernando_D, thanks for reaching out! As it stands, the Asana for Tableau integration doesn’t support custom fields value history (e.g. how long did it spend in “awaiting review”). You can find more details in this guide article: Asana for Tableau • Asana

I also recommend you to contact our support team if you would like to have more support depending on your use case: How to contact our Support Team ✉

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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