"Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections

Please make it optional: the “colon” shortcut was very useful


I couldn’t agree more… MAKE IT OPTIONAL. Bring the colon back.


I was completely unaware of this because it must not have gone live for our organization until now.

This is a very good explanation. What I’m amazed at is how it seems so many “improvements” seem to backfire, at least according to Forum feedback. I feel for your team who probably has the best intentions to provide a value-adder (toggle between boards and lists), but then have it almost blow back on you in a negative way.

I will admit, I don’t like losing the colon/section functionality. But I also agree that many of these changes seem less serious given time.

To me the big take-away, which I see time and again, is how changes are made and communicated.

The poll here is a great way to get feedback. But maybe doing polls for proposed solutions should be done BEFORE the changes are made. It could steer the Asana team away from some potential pitfalls.

Again, this specific issue isn’t huge for me… but I’ve voiced several times how changes seem to miss the mark and Asana can appear tone-deaf through the process. That, more than the specific changes, are what should be alarming as they have the potential to turn fans and devotees (such as myself), into irritated customers (which I’m on the verge of).


Absolutely agree, our internal proceesses are based on converting tasks into sections when activities are booked/ updated @Marie is there a way to convert existing tasks to sections without formalising them as templates and without losing data stored in the task? This has created a serious issue in our workflows if not. Thanks, Erin


In my Asana Premium, Tab+N no longer works and it’s back to using a colon to create a new section.

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Because we want to make them have both - switch between list and boards and use the dots.

So the question is (for me at least) - is it impossible to do, or someone decided it is too much work, so let’s just change it.

We use Asana because we believe they will do whatever it takes to make the workflow easier, but recently we are seeing that they do not care as much as they try to show and just things like most other companies. Still the best out there, but me personally am very disappointed at the company and have stopped recommending it to friends. I just think that they stopped caring about SMB and are rolling features only aimed at large organisations. Also I do not think that it is impossible to do.


Thank for your feedback and explanation.

I think that Asana is missing a very important point, which is valid for my company and I am (admittedly) extrapolating it will be true for others out there - we loooved (hope you are noticing the past tense) Asana. We really really really loved it. And it was when you had no features whatsoever, the UI was tragic. But we loved it because it always put us first. Not the money, not the UI, not the features but us as small business. And now it is the other way around. The love is broken, you lost the evangelists, we are not passionate any more. It was never about features, polls, colours, animations, the speed, the dots, etc. It was about trust which is not there any more.

Now we trust that you are focused towards big corporations, that you are cutting corners to save work and money (we do it too, but we are not Asana), you put the interest of your dream product before ours.

I am not sure I explained it well…


Uh… well unfortunately i liked the way that sections were just tasks with a bold title in projects. we use this for sorting T/U/L and share all sections to have a better overview about the T/U/L of our team members - i guess this is not possible anymore.

As well… my workflow now is more complicated to create sections in a project. thats not really user friendly right now…


Indeed, the colon works again! Thanks Asana for listening to your customers!!!

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What!? Today is the first day it STOPPED working for me! I don’t understand what’s going on.


In our case the “:” is not creating a section but it IS displaying a popup informing me to use “Tab+N” to create a section. If I was creating a section by adding “:” to a task name, and then use the Tab+N, it creates a new section under the task I was adding the “:” to. (see attached screenshot)

I find that to be an improvement. I do miss creating (and uncreating) sections by adding or removing the “:”. That was slick and fast. HOWEVER, if it is truly a question of colon sections vs dynamic switching between List and Board views for a project, we (myself and our team) will choose the dynamic switching. That is likely to impact us more frequently and is a long-time requested enhancement. Those are just my thoughts and opinion.


  • Lost my colon ios shortcut section today. -

Asana let you create your own way to manage. Copy section or work 99% on my phone is kind of flexibility we had, to build our own work flow, the way we want it, that’s what you offer at first.

My point is that you push to pretend to be a business solution. I don’t know any CRM or project manager that cut this way a feature that could influence the way that a whole team work . No annoncement. Do you think that compagny like Salesforce act like this with their client . No, cause they know how it hard to implement change in business and the cost $$$ with your employees.

For me , you miss at your vision. Are you contender to a solid business projet manager or tend to be a to-do list Team app in Apple store??? If you act to copy feature like funny not that effective Trello by moving your basics to put board OR you start compulsively putting so much on desktop feature that your iOS is like 3 years late like Clickup, you miss what i like of asana : solid plateform , with slow but strong innovation.

Sorry but it’s kind of move that make me keep you more as an individual to-do list like Things 3 than to implement your system in my whole Team.

Sorry i’m rude , but you messed up my day and complicated my work


Please bring back the colon functionality.

I work with custom templates with sections already written for copy and paste, and now I just can´t use them.

I understand that you are making this change to switch projects from lists to boards, but why take the previous shortcut away? I’d never switched my projects from lists to boards, and I have used Asana for more than 3 years now.

So let’s suppose that you never bring back the colon shortcut for sections, how can I create custom “templates” to copy and paste in projects AND in tasks as subtasks? The colon shortcut was one of the best things of Asana, at least for me.

I work with several customers and I have at least 10 templates with 3-5 sections and 15-30 subtasks for them to copy and paste, and now they’ll have to manually create the sections.

Please, bring that shortcut back, please!!!

Thank you.


This improvement was rolled out too early.
Using asana was as easy as typing, and now it’s confusing.
There had to be a way to introduce new feature without a such workflow stopper


Couldn’t agree more - this is poor UX. You’re abandoning the core funtionality that attracted everyone to this platform to accomodate for a board feature that we ran away from on Trello and etc… The ability to create massive projects as simply as you’d write in a word doc is what was attractive about Asana to me. Bring back the “:” shortcut please !


I am confused. The colon was working again for a couple of days, but now it’s not working any more. What is going on, Asana? Is the colon coming back or not? This is not good for my confidence in Asana!


After reading "Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections it seems we can say goodbye to sections. Whatever was made doesn’t support copy/paste and is workflow hurdle, also devs have no plans to change it. There are few places that killed sections

  • not using colon - kills copy/paste from plain text
  • add new section adds it at the end of current section, not converting current text line - kills workflow speed and brings confusion

My current option is to stop using sections and use tasks with colon in the end, it’s not bold text anymore. I hope bold text can be brought back by some CSS plugin some day


For what it’s worth, this was a horrendous change and the shortcut is totally atypical to what other applications do for shortcuts.

Everyone in this thread is complaining but Asana support doesn’t seem to care… time to switch to a competitor!


Looks like they removed it again, they don’t care about their customers…


I’d like to voice my support in why I think this needs to be changed back.

  1. Now projects will have sections with and without colons at the end creating an awkward aesthetic.
  2. Arguably the easiest keyboard function was changed to something more clunky and unintuitive, requiring the entire user-base to change how they work without any cut over time.
  3. There is no option to convert a task to a section, so not only is creating section harder, it is less dynamic as a living part of a project.
  4. This change is not reflected when I export my project as a CSV, which means I can no longer filter by things ending with a colon, making it harder to ID a Task vs Section.

Is it imperative to remove colons to execute Board to List switching? Okay, but here, some ideas to implement.
Keep Tab-N
Keep Colons to create a new section, have the formatting auto-delete the colon and bold the line.
Add a Convert to Section in a task.
Add a button to add Sections.
Add an asset type when you export that would be: Milestone, Task, Section, subtask, etc. So far I’ve had to add a custom field and tag items manually to report on projects.
Finally, create a preview instance that we can self-assign into where we get the builds before they are forced onto users who WILL have a harder time using the software. The people who visit the forums are likely a fraction of the user base, but also the users who are most savvy. If the people here are upset, the people who aren’t here are going to dislike the changes just as much, if not more.

I love the product, and I appreciate the communication, I just hope we can use the feedback productively to create the best experience.