Syncing Task Template to Duplicate Tasks in a Pipeline Project

Syncing a particular task template to all templates in our pipeline board. Attached is a recorded video illustrating the problem.

We need assistance to resolve these matters if possible, as they impact our workflow.

Hi @Garylldave_Selorio welcome to the forum. what is the licence level you are on?

Those subtasks you can add to the project so they would add to the project like a task without you doing it manually. Also I would recommend you add that task as a task template under the customise tab.

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Welcome, @Garylldave_Selorio,

There isn’t a complete solution to what you’re asking for.

I couldn’t tell if this is what @Danielle-GenD was getting out, but if you’re on Asana Business or Enterprise, you can write custom rules, and there’s a rule action to add a subtask to existing tasks which could potentially help you, but note that you can’t designate exactly where it goes in the task. Nonetheless, this may at least be a partial automation.

To use this, you will likely need to set up a rule with a specific subtask to be added each time (or modify and reuse such a rule each time). You will need to determine a “trigger” that will cause this rule to fire for the tasks that need it. A common way is to make a “Do” or “Action” single-select custom field with an option of, say, “Add subtask” and then when you multi-select tasks that need the addition, change the custom field to “Add subtask.” Make that the trigger of your rule. The action of the rule would be to add the subtask (optionally with metadata). You could add a second action to the rule to unset the “Action” field again.

Danielle was also suggesting you consider using the Task Templates feature instead of duplicating tasks because it can be more efficient and powerful:



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