Syncing calendars to Outlook

I have synced several calendars to Outlook. Some of these shows as “other calendars”, and some shows as " my calendar".
Why difference?

Hello @Rune_Haarberg,

when you added the calendar to outlook normally it should ask you to set a name, see here Sync Asana + Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Does that solve your problem?

That is what I did, however some of the calendars ended up under the folder “my calendars” and some under “other calendars” in the desktop version of Outlook

Hm I see, not sure why exactly.
The calendars from the Asana projects are you owner of all the projects? (Not sure if that might be the reason but worth considering to check)

Yes Im the only owner. Not as this matter that much, but just curious why this happened.

Hm I recommend reaching out to Outlook support to see if they can help.
Or potentially also Asana support might know.