Sync specific task to icloud calendar

Hi guys, is there anyway that i sync only specific task to my calendar? (Not all task) Maybe some kind of rule or format

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Hi @Bryan_Tanjung :wave:

Indeed, there is a way :slightly_smiling_face:

Add the Google Calendar app in your My Tasks (via Customize panel, then “Add app”).

Then, you will be able to create rules that will associate a trigger (for example when the task is moved to a certain section), to the creation of an event in your Google Agenda.

Let me know if you have questions :wink:

Welcome, @Bryan_Tanjung,

Generally, you can sync any project(s) (or My Tasks) with most calendars.

To sync with Apple (iCloud) Calendar:

To achieve task-by-task syncing only, create a Sync to Cal project and one-time setup as described above. From then on, multi-home, from My Tasks, or any other project, only those tasks you want to sync to that calendar.

There are also third-party solutions (like zzBots; no experience with that) if you want to explore options outside Asana.



PS @Arthur_BEGOU your answer was for GCal but the request was for Apple Cal

Ahh I missed that, thanks @lpb :wink:

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