Sync Asana to iPhone calendars



I want to view Asana tasks on my iphone calendar app.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

First, I synced Asana with my Google Calendar. The Google Calendar immediately populated with my existing Asana tasks; however, new tasks never showed up on the calendar.

I then synced Asana with my iCal. Again, the calendar immediately populated with existing Asana tasks. However, when I added a new task, my computer’s iCal application did populated with the task, but my iPhone iCal did not.

Can anyone help?


And if you manually add a task on your computer, does it show on the iPhone?


When I add tasks to my google calendar using my computer, the tasks do show up on my iphone calendar. If I add tasks to the Asana project that I synced with my google calendar, the tasks don’t show up on my google calendar or my iphone calendar. Any advice?


So the sync between computer and iPhone works, you should focus on having Asana task to appear on the computer, and then it should appear on the iPhone as a result. I can’t help you further, I have no idea :sweat_smile:


I think you’re running into an issue with the delay. There is a delay for 8+ hours between the time a task is entered into Asana and when it appears on your Google Calendar. If you’re looking for real-time bi-directional synchronization, try this: