Switching Between Multiple Asana Accounts in iOS

+1 Without this feature using Asana is bothering me so bad.

We are going to have to move out of Asana because of this problem, even though we didnt like what the competition had to offer.

My solution was to use the web-based solution for my one account and the application (AppSana) for my second account. Not bad but it is still bothering me. It is a serious limitation of a great tool.


I’ve struggled with this not being a feature for far too long. Now that I’m consulting multiple orgs it’s becoming a major hassle to have to log in and out every time.

It’s also a challenge re: task management - I’d love to just have everything in one place, split/organized however I want.

Same issue here! Has this feature been added yet? :slight_smile:

+1 would love to be able to switch between two accounts in iOS


+1 here as well.


+1 - @Asana if you want explosive customer growth, you need to make it super easy to use it 24x7 - work, personal, nonprofit/other orgs, …


Any progress on this?

REALLY annoying when I have 4 clients on asana and I can’t switch between them!!

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Why is nobody responding to this! +10

Isn’t this possible? I just did a test to merge a brand new account that I created with my icloud email so that I can select between it and my personal/work accounts. Here are the steps which ultimately allowed me to select between any of them from the “Account” tab on the bottom right of the iOS app (I assume its the same with Android). While this is classified as a merge, the accounts still remain separate in that you can only work out of one workspace/org at a time (from the mobile app, you certainly can have multiple browser tabs open). Nevertheless, the data within each account remains separate. You just have the ability to quickly enter another space without logging out of one account and into another.

First, go to your Profile settings:

My Profile Settings_censored

Next, select the “Email Forwarding” tab and you will see a link in the bottom left of the window to “+ Add New Email” (not shown below). After clicking that you see what is below and can enter the email you want to merge. The Asana Password is NOT the password to the account you are adding but rather the account you are currently logged in with.

Once you click on the email verification link that is sent, your accounts will merge and you should receive the pop-up message below:

Merge Message

At this point, you should be able to easily select between each workspace/org by clicking on your profile icon in the top left (from the web) or navigating to the “Account” tab in the bottom right of the mobile app.

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What version of the app are you using because mine doesnt look anything like yours?

This would be highly useful. I’m going to have to use a different system for my personal projects since I need to access my work account on my phone and I don’t want to log in and out

+1 – we too like using Asana at work, and I wanted to use it for my personal task organization as well…
with kind regards to all asaners! :wink:

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+1 please