Switching accounts on different plans

I would like to access ALL my accounts from a single Asana instance. I have access to two trial accounts (one will convert to paid soon) and a paid account that a client has added me to. My personal account (which is currently a trial) is the instance I would like to use to access ALL my accounts. Is this possible?

Welcome, @Dave_Covarrubias1,

I believe you’d add the other email addresses to your personal account’s email address if you want to “merge” accounts (which is irreversible, according to the help page). Afterwards, your profile menu will offer you the option to easily navigate to any of your accounts by showing them all there.

You may want to search this Forum for posts related to merging accounts for more info.



Thanks Larry. Still can’t seem to find how to connect distinct separate accounts from my personal instance of Asana. But I’ll be meeting with an Asana rep this week so I’ll check with him. Appreciate the feedback!

Dave Covarrubias

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