Support quotes and wildcard in Search function

Wow I am truly surprised there has been no official response to the varied search related requests posted here. As of today I am finding that text in the Description field is not being searched only text found in the task/project name itself. As our organization’s tasks and project continue to grow this is becoming a major productivity issue, which is the very reason we began using this platform for productivity gains not losses. C’mon Asana what say you on this?

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I was advicing our CEO to start using Asana, but missing wildcards in search is really crucial for us. Please add it…for your own good :wink:


This program is excellent. But no wildcard searches? This has been so difficult to manage. This is like 1960’s level programming.

If you can at least comment on why this is not possible, it may alleviate some of the issue and help find a work around.


FYI, we have made a workaround because this is crucial for us too
We sync asana to Google sheets/docs to have a full text search with “” and also a (sort) of wildcard search
Also possible to sync with Evernote, Office online and/or other system and then use a ( indexed) search system

It’s not ideal but it’s a atart

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this is still open since 2017??? we need this function as well… a simple wild card search should not be a difficult thing


Voted. This should be available.

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I will purchase a PRO plan as soon as we are able to search for “contains”; without that, there is NO WAY to search for a project.

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I mean that it should find the search term as “contains” without having to go to “advanced search”

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Wildcard and searching for phrases would make this so much better to search

This request is over 4 years old now!

I have arrived here searching for Wildcard search and it seems it’s a feature requested long time ago and still not resolved, really?

Hello Team Asana,

Search strings with AND, OR operators should be incorporated

Oct’2022 and still waiting.
Its really becoming frustrating that the developers are working on upgrades/improvements to Asana but are leaving the basic’s behind.

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Wildcard searches would be really nice. Just sayin!

I didn’t realize this was an issue in search… the search is based on a whole word match? To match on all tasks related to a topic, whether singular or plural would require 2 separate searches? And to view them in one view, it’d require finding them all and assigning a common tag (which can’t be auto-assigned to new tasks created via a form)?

Multiple user workflow issues :point_up: , which would be really great to have answers to. :upside_down_face:

Bumping this thread to see if they’ve yet implemented the ability to use quotes or any other method to merge together words separated by spaces into a single search term. A search for “John James Smith” currently returns every record containing “John”, every record containing “James”, and every record containing “Smith” so that the number of records returned can be thousands of times greater than the expected amount. The lack of this feature with large datasets renders Asana almost useless.

6 years later…

HOW is it possible for a project management software to NOT have a FUZZY SEARCH

FFS my terminal does a better text search than this.

Wow. I’m new to Asana and loving most of it, but there are some very obvious features that just make it a pain . This is top of my list, we have automated the creation of hundreds of project form templates and are now finding the limits and ability to create advanced searched using wildcard if very annoying. Wasting hour of your users time is a sure fire was to annoy, and then to have a thread like this open for this many years and no progress… :frowning: