Search text within a task

Is there any way to search for copy within a task? I have a Candidate tracking project with several candidates, each candidate is a task, and I am looking for the candidates with writing experience. I searched for word “writing” and it did return several tasks in the results, I am assuming those tasks have the word “writing” in them, but it did not highlight that word within the task, so it’s not much help. Each of those tasks has all of my notes about that candidate interview, so the word “writing” is buried in there somewhere and I have to go searching for it. Is there not a way to search the text within a task to find a specific word? For example, when I search for a word in OneNote, it will show me the pages and show me the word highlighted on those pages.

Welcome, @Jordan_Watkins,

Asana doesn’t offer this functionality. What I do is:

  1. Advanced search for the word you’re looking for (as you do)
  2. In search results, open the task detail pane of the first result task
  3. Use the browser search (usually Cmd/Ctrl+F) to highlight the text you’re looking for.

Hope that helps,