Support for Simplified Chinese

It would be great to have Simplified Chinese translation besides having Traditional Chinese translation. Traditional Chinese is not being widely used by Chinese-speaking users outside of Taiwan, whereas Simplified Chinese is. In fact, a person who knows Simplified Chinese does not necessarily know how to read Traditional Chinese. In some ways we’re able to read, but it decreases productivity and attention.
I’m currently using Traditional Chinese, but the need to think about what that word is every single time is a bit not convenient. Hope that the team can consider adding Simplified Chinese support!

Thank you for providing this feedback, @Lee_Wei_Peow! :slight_smile: As it stands, we don’t have immediate plans to launch Simplified Chinese however, hopefully this is something our Product team can think about for the future.

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

Hi there, iterating on this! We are trying to run onboarding and projects with Mainland Chinese users, for them traditional does not work.

Please do consider a Simplified Chinese language version - I’m sure you have a huge potential market with international companies who have staff and operations in China

Any progress here? Still would like a simplified Chinese version. Thanks!