super Admin of division and org-wide permissions

My situation is the following:
• free organization
• one paid division (Business plan)
IT Administrator of the company here, I’m not the billing user of the business plan.
The owner of the Business plan of the division wants to become a super Admin but he isn’t a IT Administrator of our company so the owner asks for the DNS change required to became a super Admin.
Now I’am worried about the fact that a super Admin (of a division too) could do some things org-wide like:
• Set org-wide password strength
• Reset password org-wide

There is a way to grant to this user all the permissions inside his division only?
I mean, if I am a free user of the same organization of a super Admin of a division why this super Admin can change my password?


Maybe my colleague @Julien_RENAUD knows? He had the opportunity to study Divisions a lot!

I’ll check and get back to you.
A question in the meantime: why does this manager want to be super admin?

He wants, for example to:

  • edit a user’s team
  • view private tasks after deprovisioning a users
  • export csv for teams and members
  • restrict guest invites
    …obviously all that within his division.

I just had a conversation with Asana, and it’s confirmed:

  • The Super Admin role can only be found at the organization level.
  • Even with a division, the Super Admin role will always be at the organization level.
  • In a division, only the admin role is available.

Ok, thank you for clearing this up @Julien_RENAUD!

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How I can become a Addman on Division 2

Only a current admin can give you the admin role, so you should contact your admin.