Sum of points in a project do not decrease when a task is marked complete.

When scanning a project, it’s helpful to have a view of the remaining points per section as we are planning sprints. As it stands right now, you see the total amount of points per section, regardless if a task is marked complete.

I have the points roll-up field in our sprint board (portfolio of projects) and we are getting an inaccurate view of the actual amount of demand remaining for a specific project. If tasks are marked complete, that should be chipping away at the remaining demand.

Would love to see an option to subtract completed tasks from point roll-up.

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Welcome, @anon2189520,

Until/if Asana implements that, consider setting the incomplete filter (and saving as the default view for that project) which will achieve exactly what you’re asking for, but in a different manner.


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Thank you for the solution! In the portfolio view for our sprint, the filter only considers incomplete/complete for the whole project, so the point values remain the same. But this works in a pinch :slight_smile:

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