Suggestions for Asana to manage the tasks


Hello good day!

I would like to suggest two options, which I believe would mark yet another great leap in Asana’s quality.

1 - Offer the option of TAG, Marker, something that could set the Status of the task, either how to run, running, run or anything else we want to edit. What do you guys think about that?

2 - To offer the option of marking Priorities, from 1 to 3 or Important, Urgent and Circunstancial. If you have how to edit, it would be even better.

Congratulations on the Asana. It is exceptional !!!


Hi @Nataniel_Neto,

You can solve both use cases with existing features unless I have misunderstood your questions :slight_smile:

You can simply use tags or more advanced "custom fields"
See an example with tags:

More on Custom Fields here.