Subtasks in "My tasks" show in a "No project" project


Also waiting for a resolution.


Yes major major flaw. I might as well just manage projects in my head if I can only use to this to structure out very very basic task lists.


YES! This is making my life miserable!


Any news about that? It’s quite problematic on our workflow.


Going to add my voice to this. I’ve found this frustrating for 3 semesters now. Makes encouraging groups to use asana very hard when this behaviour is so unintuitive and clumsy.
Only gripe with the service.


I’m also just seeing this issue. This is poor architectural design and I’m shocked it’s still gone unresolved.

Why subtasks don't appear in your Project Calendar

Agreed that this is a huge flaw and is raising major issues for our team - it is already impeding user adoption and is a showstopper at this point. We will be moving to another platform if this is not resolved soon. Please provide an update.


+1 on this - also, the sub tasks clutter up “my tasks” - I would appreciate it if “my-tasks” showed the parent task and a notification of the most recent due date/past due - this would alert my team that they have a role within a parent task that they need to address. Please help, this may end our use of Asana.


I’m current trying to make a digital transformation in a bank, one of the steps is to move towards product view instead of project view. We’re facing, obviously, a lot of obstacles, people don’t like changes, we are current trying to convince the staff to use Asana. They re trying to find problems to not use the tool, the sub-task problem, not showing in the calendar, is being used as an excuse because they are not listed in the calendar view and that is primordial to have a full picture. Please guy help us out!


Please fix this issue. This is absolutely crazy. Subtasks need to show the associated project. This is so BASIC.


@Kaitie, @Michael_A, @Marie, we are a lot of people that need at least an answer… Are there any updates on this?


I’m trying to sell my company on using Asana, but this has come up multiple times. Essentially, until it’s fixed, the team won’t move ahead.

Really is a no-brainer, and adding the subtask as a regular task is not an option as we need them embedded.

Such a shame that such a good product has such a glaring flaw.


Hi @Simeon_Petrov and @David_Gerrard! I see where you’re coming from and I can ensure you that we’re aware about this pain point. While it seems like a simple thing to fix, it would actually involve (among other things) a whole restructure of how subtasks work in our system’s back end. This is certainly something we’re planning to tackle in the future, but I don’t have any precise timeline to share at the moment. That said I’ll make sure to post an update on this thread as soon as I have an update!


+1 vote to encourage amazing Asana team to fix this, we are seriously thinking to switch from another vendor to Asana, but given some basic gaps in the logic don’t allow us to use Asana for a large scale projects. But we suggest that Asana should be able to scale along with our business. There are too many simplifications being made in the business logic and this is one of them.

Good luck to Asana team and hope this features is being prioritized and scrum master is currently breaking his head how to deliver this :slight_smile:


It’s at the point now where this is a little bit ridiculous.


  • should automatically inherit the parent project
  • shouldn’t have to be manually assigned to a project
  • shouldn’t require going into the subtask itself via a small icon to change settings like this
  • shouldn’t take up space in the project task list when the user actually does assign to a project
  • should be expandable/collapsible from the parent task within a project list


Is it possible that when searching for tasks assigned to me subtasks are properly assigned to their projects?
See screenshot attached.
I just tried creating an advanced search and saving it, and it looks like my subtasks are properly sorted into their projects?

Subtasks being Associated with Projects

HI @Liohn_Sherer! In both your screenshot it seems that “Update SK…” is the task associated with your subtask as opposed to the project?

  • is the subtask.
  • Update SK… is the parent task
  • Updates (BOARD) is the project
  • Marketing is the team

In the first screenshot, the subtask appears under No Project
In the second, the subtask appears under the correct project.
Both screenshots show all of my tasks, one with the built-in My Tasks page and one with an advanced search.


OMG, you are right! So the system “knows” who the real parent of the subtasks is, why it should not be implemented in the My Task section as well @Marie?


@Liohn_Sherer and @Simeon_Petrov, let me dig into this; I’ll get back to you asap!