Subtasks child of multiple parents


Best Work around: Copy subtask link A and post it in Parent B descriptions for a hyperlink or substats as a non hyperlink. At least until they add this feature.

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Is this new feature implemented?

Is this feature implemented? Can we have one multiple subtask to a parent task?


No, nothing has changed in this regard - a subtask cannot be the child of more than one parent task.

Thank you. Any updates on whether Asana is looking into this?

Hi @Mohammad_Dalvi,

Two comments on my part:

  1. Asana does not release a public road map or pre-announce anything, so there’s no way to know whether are are looking into or considering some change until it’s actually released.

  2. Speaking solely for myself and NOT for Asana, I would personally not hold my breath waiting for this change - I highly doubt it will occur. Again I could be 100% wrong - I have no inside info on it - but it would require a major change to the underlying data model and I believe would require lots of code changes, and I just think based on what they have in mind for the future of the product, it’s not something they would likely prioritize to do. (Again, just my $.02.)

+1 on this feature from me as well. This would be super helpful and as others have shared would take the Asana UI to the next level.


There is clear duplicity in tasks that cut across projects. A simple example is:

  1. There is a task (“task X1”) in a project (“Project X”)
  2. My team has a project board for daily check-ins (“Project W”)
  3. Task X1 will then show as a subtask of Project W (under task “Monday Check-In”)
  4. Once the task is clear from my Monday to-do, it will clear from the project board (without merging or completing two tasks, which creates the illusion that more tasks have been completed by a person and would mess the capacity forecasting)

Is there a way to know if this feature will be implemented in the near future ? It would be really nice to have that to manage complex projets with more than one board…