Subtasks - Assigned to Projects

When sorting my task list by project, all of my sub-tasks show up under “No Project” even though they are created under a task in a specific project.

Steps to reproduce:
-Create Sub-task in project
-Navigate to My List
-Sort by Project
-Subtask show up under “No Project”

Browser version: Google Chrome is up to date

Version 72.0.3626.109 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Upload screenshots below:

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This is expected behavior for Subtasks.

By default a Subtask doesn’t belong to any Project. You are able to add a Subtask to Project after it is created. (You can add a Subtask to a Project, in the same way you add a Task to a Project.)

You aren’t the only user that has issues with this behavior.
Here is a topic where you can vote for Subtasks to be automatically added to a Project.


How can i set a subtask to a project? It’s very strange to me that it wouldn’t be included within the Task’s Project. Knowing that, i need to at least be able to assign it to a Project. Is this possible?

Hi @Dan_Durusky, You can add a subtask to a project as follows (but you first have to click the subtask’s far-right thought+arrow icon:

The Add to Project command is also found in the subtask’s More Actions menu.

Hope that helps,


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@Michael_A and/or anyone else from Asana team – is there any update on this (subtask-project automated connect capability)?

I am hoping there is a solution to have all subtasks within a project or even just within a task automatically inherit / be assigned to the parent project… something like a simple ticker box for this option in task or project settings would be ideal, but even a way to code a custom workflow/trigger would work…

For some context, I am new to Asana but very familiar with other platforms in this space (was using Trello in my last role and Basecamp before that; also Jira / dev tools etc). My general background is in UX design, product mgmt, software dev, and enterprise architecture so I have spent a good deal of my career comparing features, functionality, vendors, systems etc… Anyway, I have recently started a new role with a new team and wanted to assess the market for the best project/task mgmt solution to fit our need. After initial comparison, Asana rose to the top of my list for a number of reasons, but it would be a lie to say the detailed subtask capability was not a key differentiating factor…

So, it would truly be a let down to find this detailed subtasking feature is incomplete. If subtasking exists but has no ability to be tied to the parent project in any automated, scalable way… then it is not the complete, integrated subtasking feature I believed. Ability to easily view subtasks related to a project in project views (lists, boards, calendars, etc) is a critical requirement of any complete subtasking feature as many (most) users will want (need) ability to see subtasks in list, calendar, etc. Indeed this is assumed functionality so it is very surprising to find this is not supported; if this capability does not exist at scale/automated will need to reassess if Asana will work for our need. Without supporting necessary flexibility, the subtask feature binds itself to critical functional limitations and can never reach potential-- neither in terms of differentiation nor in actualization of core value prop.

As this thread is now quite old I am very hopeful some solution or workaround (workflow) capability has been implemented to use subtasks as desired. Any information / updates appreciated.


I just discovered a feature/bug for adding subs into their project without removing them from their parent task. It’s not automated but it’s better than going into each sub to add it or having to create a report. Adding subtasks to a Project via "Section dropping"

Thanks Brian! Will check this out. For some reason my work computer is blocking my access to the video link (apparently suspicious to it for some reason…) but I have forwarded to my personal and will watch on there tomorrow.

I have talked to some folks at Asana and it seems like they are building out new/better features to support subtask views but I am not positive on the details or roadmap/timeline for rolling out…

For my use case I need list, calendar, and timeline view to support subtasks asap… looking at options/workarounds including your suggestion here.