Is there a concept of subsections in Asana? If not, does anyone have a suggestion for a workaround? I am using tags to somewhat accomplish this, but hopeful that there is something better.

Hi @DavidWS, thanks for reaching out!

You can currently create Sections in Asana: “Tab+N” our new shortcut to create Sections. If you are using tags, you can also consider using Custom Fields. You can create a field for stage, priority, cost, or anything else that’s important to your workflow, team, and company. Please find more information in this Guide article.

I hope this helps!

Hi, thanks for getting back to me, but perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. I am actually asking about creating subsections. I am aware of the use of Sections, but can subsections be created within a Section?

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  1. You can use turn off Sort within Sections and, by sorting by a custom field, your existing sections will become second-level groupings:
  1. I sometimes use === ALL CAPS === sections which appear like level 1 sections, and then regular Initial Caps sections which appear like level 2 sections. (This is a hack!)

  2. I don’t think it’s what you’re looking for, but in case you weren’t aware, you can also add Sections within tasks (which most call “Subsections”) in order to break up subtasks:

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Thanks for sharing this information @lpb! :star2:

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