How can I add own "subsection" as organisation for subtasks in a task???

In a template, I found that the task has own “sub-section” or how to name that. But I don´t know how to create my own “sub-section” into the task? For a better explanation, I added the screen with this “sub-section” to what I mean. I know that creating a new section is “TAB+N”.

@Jakub_Dvorak, It’s certainly not obvious how to do this, but the trick is to open the Task Detail pane or the task in which you want to add the Subsection. Then click on one of its subtasks (if there are none, click Add subtask first). Then do Tab+N there.


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Thank you a lot. That is a little unfortunate. But I got it. The point is that is unsufficient to open detail of task/subtask but you must click to the name of a subtask.

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