Subprojects within projects

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I manage a law firm which uses Asana. We are looking to have subprojects within bigger projects. Eg, Litigation appointments, PPPR appointments, L4C appointments ect, so that we can click on the project then our subprojects - which would be each client’s project is then accessible. Currently all of our clients are muddled together but there must be a way to split these out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Sally_Dodds

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Whilst you can’t have Sub-Projects inside project there is a couple of potential work around this

Tasks can be multi homed in multiple projects. So when you click on the task in one project you can then see it’s other associated projects and click through to them.

Projects belong to teams so in theory you could make the Main Project the team and the sub-projects the actual projects.

For Business and above you have the concept of Portfolios which might help achieve what you are after.

Hopefully the above helps.


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