Master Projects with Sub-Projects


Would love to see a feature that allows me to nest projects under a master project. For example, I may have a 2-year project titled “Digital School”. Under this master project I might have 15 projects (i.e. "Visitor registration, lockdowns, student records, etc…) Would really like to have a way to nest this projects under a master category rather than create a project and have “sections” for each sub project.


+1 on this. It would be my #1 feature request.


Agree, this is the #1 shortcoming of Asana as compared to just about every other project management platform out there. To take it one step further, there should be a master calendar visible for all sub-projects and the master project.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Also +1 for this feature. We have too much projects that could be listed as subproject.


Yep - we use projects as Clients- would be good to be able to add individual projects to a client. Massive shortcoming.



Even an indent feature just to visually see subprojects in left Menu would be nice


#1 requested feature on my end.


+1 from me


+1. Yes, please. This is essential!


Yes please, this is essential when working large projects. Now I have to create a project for each workpackage and it’s just not that organised :frowning:


+1000 from me. This is the biggest flaw and almost a deal breaker. Please! Everything else is so great!


+1 Why is this not already a feature?


+1 Essential for hotel development.


+1 too. @Alexis do you know if this is a feature on the roadmap?


+1 For this one. We have a 9 years project that gets add-ons every now and then. Each add-on is technically a whole new project for us. We would like to see statistics (progress, task completion chart etc) for each sub-project separately and not for the whole project.


I’ve e-mailed Asana about this again and they have confirmed it is not on their public roadmap.

@Alexis - Can you please speak to why this is not a standard feature and what your team is planning to do to address this shortcoming? Thanks.


+1 for this


This totally needs to be a feature! +1 from me as it would help me divide stuff so much better and follow software dev a lot easier!


Adding my +1 to the list! It would be really helpful to group my projects together, since we’re starting to have more and more of them.


Any news on this feature request?