Master Projects with Sub-Projects


This is my #1 request as well, for years. I love Asana and use it but this is a real shortcoming and the #1 reason why I can’t fully use it for everything. I’m using a workaround with naming conventions. i.e. MKTG Content, ADMN Legal, etc but it’s not ideal. Love it in every other way.


Have added my +1 tot he vote count. I completely support the need for this feature. Its available in other similar products.


+1 for this feature


Adding a +1 here too. The board of the company is looking to cancel Asana because they can’t zoom out and see the big picture. Please Asana, at least share the project roadmap so that we know this is in development.


+1 here. We use a project as a client’s brand. We then have multiple projects under their brand.


New to Asana, already a big fan, but already bumping into this as a constraint. +1 from me!


Too many other project management tools are equipped with sub-projects. I dare say this is a must in a complex project management environment! This is what sets some real project management tools apart from just task apps.


+1 on this


Yes! THIS!


Yes please!


Like Google Sheets/Excel, you can add multiple sheets within one document. It would be really helpful if you could add multiple projects, similar to this: Suggestion


Hi @Casey_Gover :wave:t3:

We already have a thread on this topic (Master Projects with Sub-Projects) so I have gone ahead and merged your post with the main thread to consolidate feedback around this topic!



This would really help to keep things simple visually and mentally.

Ideally, we would have a drop-down icon to show and hide sub-projects under their master project.


@Marie - Do you have any feedback on this very popular request? Thank you.


Not at the moment @James_Leo but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!


To everyone requesting this: I’d agree that it would be a super nice feature. At the moment, obviously, it doesn’t exist, so I’m curious on what work-arounds some of you use?

I’ve done something that kinda works, but I’m still on the fence with it. But what I did was create a Project within the Team called “Project Board” or “Master Project List” (or it could be more specific like “Digital School Projects”). Then everytime an actual Project is created, we go in and add the title to the “Project Board.” In my case I’ve usually made that one a Board-style and so I create a new card. And you can link them directly to the Project.

It works to have that dashboard-type thing to see all Projects. It lacks additional detail, though, like progress, etc. And honestly, it confuses some people.

Anyways, just curious what innovations anyone has found to work-around…???


This is the Project Board where it’s a simple one-card-per-project method to keep a high level view:

Then when we actually start one of these Projects (we have a backlog column), then we create a for real Project under the Team:


I use a similar project board which works in the interim. However, improved organic project organization would be helpful for the entire team.


+1 !
I’m currently on an enterprise trial with Asana, and can already anticipate that there will be push back around (the lack of) this specific feature. If we move forward, it will be a significant transition from our current process, which is very manual and spread out across many areas.
Our department manages more than 400 marketing projects annually, with different projects assigned to different marketing managers. I worry that having all of these projects essentially-unsorted will quickly become confusing and prevent people from using Asana. Is there any sense of whether or not this feature will be introduced soon? The work-arounds I’ve seen other users suggest make sense for smaller quantities of projects, but wouldn’t be terribly useful for our team’s needs, especially if we want to continue with Asana in the future.


What you describe is by definition, technically, not a project. A project must have a clearly defined beginning and end.