Streamlining project management with Asana's starred items

During this year, Asana’s starred items feature became a game changer. This simple yet powerful tool significantly improved the lives of me and my colleagues - project managers. Asana, our only project management tool used as a task management system in our organization, has many features designed to streamline and enhance project management. Among these features, one that stands out and significantly improves project managers’ efficiency is the ability to star items. Let me explain - how.

Prioritization and Focus: Project managers often deal with many tasks and details. With the ability to star items in Asana, they can easily prioritize what’s most important. Starred items act as visual cues, such as the workload of the teammates under direct reporting, projects to be focused on, and essential reporting dashboards. All this helps project managers stay focused on critical tasks, deadlines, and issues, reducing the risk of crucial things slipping through the cracks.

Starred items provide quick access to Key Information: they are like creating a personal shortlist of the most essential items. This is particularly valuable when managing complex projects with numerous moving parts.

Starting using saved searches ala starred items as a bookmark of the incompleted/upcoming tasks of the developer in different teams became a must-have tool for any PM in our organization, something that goes without saying and helps prepare for team calls, weekly reporting or double-check in seconds what is the status of the task.

To cut a long story short, it empowered project managers to be more efficient, organized, and effective in their roles. Taking full advantage of Asana’s starred items makes project managers’ lives easier from day one of using it.


Starred Items really makes a massive improvement in the daily use of Asana! I don’t know where I’d be without it


Thank you for the kind submission.

I must admit that I initially found the alterations made to the sidebar rather perplexing.
However, as of late, I have grown accustomed to it, and I must say, it has a certain appeal.