Stick to daily task in android app

If a task is opened in the asana android app how can it be sticked to daily tasks?
(There are so many tasks in the task list that it is not possible to swipe it up to daily tasks)

Thanks in advance

I believe @Nick_Fassler will be chiming in to offer assistance shortly!

Hi @Lars. To clarify, by “daily tasks” do you mean the “Today” section of your My Tasks?

Assuming that’s the case, the best way on Android (or iOS) is to drag the tasks individually into the Today section as you mentioned.

I know this can be slow. The fastest way that I’d recommend to move tasks between Today/Upcoming/Later is on our web app using our keyboard shortcuts.

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Hi @Nick_Fassler, you are right, I mean the “Today” section.

The two workflows you mentioned I use very often. But last weekend there was the situation, that I was not at home, no computer only my smartphone in reach and I had to prioritize a task. I may have set a new due date. But that would only be a workaround because the task has no concrete due date.

So maybe someday a function is available to choose in the menu to stick a task to “Today” or in the task list it is possible to open up a section with recent viewed tasks from where it would be more easy to swipe one to the Today section.

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That’s helpful feedback, Lars. Your request for a Today option in the task list in mobile speaks to our ongoing efforts to add more functionality to the mobile experience. We regularly make updates to the mobile app and post about them on our blog. I think you’ll be interested in reading about our most recent mobile updates here. I also think you’ll be excited by the shortcuts that were recently added to the Android app :slight_smile: