Status Update Report printing too many pages

Via the Overview tab, - On Track - I have written a summary of the status of the project. The summary is about 2 pages.
Within the Summary report there is an option to “Print Status Update”.
When I launch the “Print Status Update” the report for printing it’s 69 pages. The font size is very small too. After the first 2 pages the remaining 67pages are all blank apart from the project header name.

Historically I did not have this issue printing the Status Update Report.

Hi @Gary_Mathews , welcome to the forum :smiley:
This sounds like a bug so, if you don’t mind, I will move it to the appropriate ‘Bugs’ section.

If you can add more information such as what browser you are using and a couple of screenshots would be useful for the dev team to look into this issue.



I am using Chrome Browser,
2023-01-09 07_46_26-Window

I can attach other pictures, but this will show my project details and I am not sure if its then available for all users in the forum to view. Happy to share with your developers.


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Hi @Gary_Mathews , indeed please do not share any sensitive information since these posts are visible to all forum members. If you can cross out or blur any sensitive information, that would be great.

Just a note that myself, like other Partners on the forum, do not work for Asana. Instead, we provide consulting services to help teams to get the most out of Asana by designing and setting up workflows to get them up and running with ease :wink:

Richard, The posting group will only allow me to embed 1 photo - I wanted to include 4 to tell the story

Hi @Gary_Mathews , sorry to hear that. If you can, I think it will be fine if you post these images across 4 separate posts.

Just a recap, From the Overview screen tab select into the “Status Update” screen on the right. This screen is showing your project summary text. This screen has the option by clicking the three dots … which provides the “Print Status update selection”, The resulting generated report has many additional pages appearing - in my case it was 67 extra pages and the font size is pretty small too.

The following screen posts is the screens in logical sequence.

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Thanks for the report @Gary_Mathews and for the support @Richard_Sather, I’ve gone ahead and filed this bug internally. I’ll circle back here if we need additional info or when I have an update :slight_smile:

I have discovered what causes the printing of the additional 67 blank pages.

On the “Print Status Update” screen where you have the printing options, the Paper Size was defaulting to “Letter”, if the option is changed to “A4” then only 2 pages are printed and the font size is also correct.

Good to see you found the cause @Gary_Mathews .

However, I think we should keep this bug report open, as it should be solved by the Asana team, for people who are printing to Letter paper format, to not give them this unexpected result.