Print to PDF Using System Print is Blank (not working)

I used to be able to cmd+P and print a project page as it appears in the web browser. This stopped working very recently, like in the last week or so. I have tried and I get the same blank page whether I use Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. I have attached a screenshot of what the dialog looks like.

I use Asana everyday and work with people that don’t printing a project task list is very important. The built in Asana Print function is honestly useless for me. I want people to just be able to quickly see the tasks, dates, assignee, and fields just as you would if you have it pulled up on the web. Asana has a great looking UI, it is such a shame that it is so hard to print this out and share it with others.

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Hi @Brenton_Heble, thanks for reaching out and reporting this!

I’ve gone ahead and escalated this issue to our development team and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more information!


@Brenton_Heble, Thank you for bringing this up. I also like to set up MY Tasks in a simple list, like only for today, and in the last week it is now blank upon printing. @Emily_Roman, Please include me on any additional information.

Hi @Dennis_Bosco, thanks for your report! I see our Support Team also added your ticket to the bug. I’ll make sure to keep this thread also updated as soon as we have more information. Thanks again!

I would like to add that I am also experiencing this bug. It’s happening across multiple computers and all browsers (Edge, Chrome, and Firefox), and appears to affect any Asana page that I try to print. It began happening sometime between last Monday and last Friday, as I was able to run a weekly report and print it on Monday, but the followup report on Friday could not be printed.