Printing Asana task descriptions returns a blank page

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
All of a sudden doing the “Print” option both from Asana desktop app and the browser is returning blank page.

Steps to reproduce:
Go to task → click on “…” → click on “Print” → blank page.

Browser version: Chrome Version 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Upload screenshots below:

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Welcome, @dinesh1.

Sorry to hear this, but FWIW, it’s working fine for me.

If you haven’t already please follow all the troubleshooting steps here:

If you still have an issue, you’re best to email

Sorry, and thanks,


Having the exact same issue, cannot print a task. Colleagues having the same issue.

Using the windows app as well as chrome and safari

Hello there We are expiriencing the Same issues tryed on different coputers and with diffrerent printers and Browser seems to be a Problem with the Accounts itself since my private Asana is still working fine.

as soon as i log onto the work account i cant print anymore

And i have also the same problem yesterday it works fine but today nothing work

Until this is fixed, you may find value in my free to do the printing.


Same issue here, just blank pages are showing up, cannot print anything (Edge, Firefox) – hope Asana will solve this soon.

Same issue here. Windows 10 PC. Tried Firefox, Edge, and Desktop app - all having the same issue. Restarted PC, etc.

Unfortunately still does not work for me and looks like others are facing similar issues as well. Will send out an email to support and see whether we can get it rectified

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I am also experiencing the same issue, along with everyone I have asked at my organization

Just a follow up that this issue appears to have been resolved on my end.


Yup issue has been resolved. I was in touch with the support team and I was told that the bug fix was pushed out so looks like it finally propagated everywhere.


Sorry for the late follow-up here, and thanks for everyone input here. Moving this to Closed

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