Starter and Advanced collaboration?


Apologies if this is answered somewhere but I wanted to confirm that if I split my company into two teams (Team A (5 people) and Team B (15 people) where Team A uses Advanced and Team B uses Starter) there will be no way for Team A to work on a shared project with Team B, even if it’s just using Starter features and not Advanced? We’re testing out Advanced but don’t want to pay for the whole company to use it but also were surprised to be told by Asana sales that there is no way for those two teams to collaborate anymore.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Wyatt_Toolson,

Yes, that’s correct.

The only way for a user to collaborate on projects in both teams is for that person to be a member of both teams; but then you’re paying twice for them.

For more on the general topic, see:

(A team at a certain subscription level within a free organization is basically the same as a Division for purposes of most of the discussion in that thread; the difference is a Division can have multiple teams in it.)

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Thank you!

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