💡 Start finishing, stop starting

A wise man I know (Houcem if you read me) taught me a valuable lesson that I try to apply more often than not: start finishing stop starting.

What would happen if we applied this method to Asana, and everyone would pick an overdue task from someone else instead of starting their own task?

I tried, and I am quite excited about this approach. The other day, I was done with my overdue tasks. I looked at my partner’s @Julien_RENAUD to-do list in Asana and was able to help him on about a dozen. I canceled a bunch, completed the work on some, unassigned some… I believe it helped move the needle!

I also asked him if that was ok to request clarifications on some tasks in order to help, or if it would just increase his workload, but he agreed!

Since then, I have had a system in place that alerts me whenever someone on the team has more than 20 overdue tasks, so I can help them!

Do you want to try out this approach?

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Hi Bastien
Great insight, thanks. Can you elaborate on your system related to the notification when there are 20 overdue tasks?
Thanks again

That’s a system called Asana Pulse that goes through my account (and my clients’) every day and gathers intel on many different things, including how many overdue tasks each user has. It is also able to create alerts and assign a task to the admin (me) when users have more than a certain number of overdue tasks. Contact me by email bastien@ido-clarity.com if you want to know more!

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