Hey all! :wave:

I’ve been working on scratching my own itch in asana, and I want to get your opinions on whether my tool would be useful to you.

It’s a native app for asana.

At my last successful startup I had dozens of things that I could or should be working on at a time, so there were always TOO MANY TASKS ARRGH.

I always assign way too many tasks for myself, plus things come up and I never finish them all. I’m always hungry to be really productive and smash through all the things I want to do. I’m sure I’m not alone in this as an entrepreneur / cofounder / freelancer etc.


It works: You set up your iPad / second screen beside your computer and open my app. It’s constantly on, and just shows an extremely FOCUSED and MINIMAL list of only those things that you will work on today. It’s a constant visual reminder / habit trigger of what you’re “supposed to be working on”, to help you escape from your constant interruptions / inbox busy work / too many tabs.

If you have a bunch of overdue tasks, the app just displays a bar chart showing you how bad your situation is. i.e. you are guilty of being too ambitious.



This dashboard helps me to ensure I always have a realistic plan through the day. And when I’m overwhelmed, it makes me stop, take a deep breath and re-plan to get everything back on track.


This works because of how I use asana: every day I set the “due” dates on my tasks to be the weekday that I intended to DO them (not when they’re actually “due”)

Are you a sort-by-due-date asana person? And would you like to try my app? Or would you like to see this working for today-upcoming-later too?

Or is it just me that piles up too many tasks?? :stuck_out_tongue:



Uh, NO.

I really like what you’ve presented here and would love to try it. I have a second PC where I always keep Asana up anyway, but having your more-focused view instead makes a lot of sense.

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oh yes please let me test your app, it really looks quite interesting! We are working in that way for our daily business.

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Thanks for the kind words of encouragement @Phil_Seeman and @OSTMOST :smiley:

Sounds great, I’ll see if I can figure out how to PM you details.

Had some strong interest from a couple of asana friends of mine, exciting!

I’m definitely interested, I have 15 things on my schedule most days, and can only do 2-3. I have so much trouble prioritizing when I see the whole list.

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I’ve been through that this exact week! Would love to try it. Using my phone as a second screen monitoring tasks would also prevent me from checking unecessary stuff throught the day.

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Count me in. I’d LOVE to try it. Exactly the same problem.

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I would also love to try out your app. Looks like it could be a good solution.

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I would love this as a browser extension to use as a new tab page. Would be super useful!

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Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for the support!

I’ve made a fun little video demonstrating A) what really happens when you have TOO MANY TASKS and B) introducing the asana integration that I’ve made!

I’m looking for a few early adopters to sign up before launching it more widely

Here’s the site where you can sign up!

Thanks to the asana team for making this API available for the community to grow the pie :slight_smile:



So people have been asking for it on desktop, not iPad. So I built the webapp

You can try it out right now!

I’d love to hear your feedback and what you’d love to see :smile:

Thanks everyone :muscle: