Start a new project over each year? Or Recurring yearly tasks?

We have a 170 clients who over the course of the year have the same items that have to be done every year. Should I set these tasks on their project as a yearly task or start the project over each year? Or once the year is over and we start over again on July 1 do we just unselect all the tasks in the project to start it over? I want to make sure that the solution is easy for our customer service folks to do but also gives us the best “data” on completion of items over the course the semester. Everyone is mostly the same but we do 170 different projects because they are all different enough. Any thoughts?

Hello @Brooke_Kingsley_Isbe, welcome to the Asana community forum :wave:

Depending on the volume of the tasks per client I‘d probably do one of the following:

  1. If not that many tasks you can keep one project per clients and set up various task templates. Then you can utilize the sections/stages and custom fields to organize things further

  2. Now if the task volume is huge and you want to strictly divide stuff done every year to have things even more organized I‘d set up a team per client and then a template project.
    Then ever year create a new project for the client from the template.

Personally I‘d probably go with 2. as I like to have things super organized and a team per client is good keep things separate.

And don‘t forget to use portfolios and goals, they are super helpful :slight_smile:

I also recommend using the search in this forum as many valuable tips have been shared in the past also regarding similar topics.

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