Spot to add Tags visible by default?

While we only have about 20-ish clients we’re actively working with on larger projects at a time, we have another 100+ we provide misc. service for at any given time - and I have found it really helpful to use tags to track what work orders we do for each client - and I’ve color-coded them to give me a quick reminder to what kind of service agreement they have.

That being said, since tags don’t show up as a default option, on full-tilt days, it’s sometimes easy to forget to add a tag to a task and then it can be rather cumbersome to add tags when creating a “follow-up” task.

:pray: It would be absolutely amazing if there were an account setting that I could activate to show tags by default – and if there’s a tag on a task, that you can apply the same tag(s) to a follow-up task. :pray:

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Hi @Amanda_Potter_Cole and thanks for your feedback!

What about using custom fields instead of tags? Once applied to your project, custom field will automatically show up by default on every task of your project.

I would also suggest to use templates as much as possible and have your tags/custom fields on the template itself so each of the projects created from the template will automatically include your tags/custom field.

Hope this helps!

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I have found that the following is the best way to organize our service requests:

I use:

*1 list to keep all service organized

  • Custome fields to distinguish between the types of service requested
  • Sort the list by said field
  • Tags that are color-coded to reference the client’s service level agreement.

As I said in my original request, we have 100+ clients, most of whom we provide passive service for most of the time, however they may request miscellaneous service at any given time.

While I could create a custom field for each client, that is a cumbersome activity to do “on the fly” and only applies to that particular list or board. Tags work across all lists/boards and across teams, which allows me to pull all my tasks related to that client.


What is especially annoying about the UI now is that whenever you want to tag something it is no longer on the top level menu section. I have to hit the … button and then tags. “Copy Task List” does not seem like a common use case and could easily be demoted to the … and tags brought back up to the top level. At the very least it would be nice to have tags at top since I typically only use tags" and “add attachment” (and sometimes subtasks).

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Thanks for your feedback @Matt_Jennings1 and apologies for the inconvenience. Have you tried the “Tab+T” shortcut to quickly add tags to your tasks? I find it way quicker than using the tasks menu; hopefully you’ll find useful too!

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I have the same issue, where it’s difficult to remember to add tags to all tasks and subtasks, when the tags field isn’t visible by default. I tried to use custom fields, but need a way to specify multiple selections with a custom field, i.e. checkboxes or choosing multiple options like you can with tabs.

Ok I’m following up again - the issue with using custom fields is that you can’t start typing and have it auto-populate - you have to do a drop-down an manually go in and select it. With a list of 200 clients, that is tedious - especially when adding new clients.

AND with the new layout features, why is it that tags cannot be visible on the list view?

It seems like you took a really great feature and then overcomplicated things by making it less accessible.


Agree, I would suggest to have a profile setting to show tag by default on every project or not.


I agree. This seems like a big oversight. I don’t know for sure but I would guess the majority of Asana users use tags. Tab+T is pretty easy. But why not just make it one step easier and make it so the field is always there by default when creating a new task?


This is a point of frustration for our team as well. Tagging is a great feature. Almost all of our tasks end up being tagged. We would really like the ability to make the tags field displayed by default.


Tags need to be on the task by default. There should at least be a setting for this. While there’s a keyboard shortcut, it’s still an unnecessary step when I’m going to tag every item.