Show Tag Field Always

Is it possible to always show the tags field when creating and editing tasks?

Having to go to the drop down menu or using Tab + T is an additional step in an often used feature. This might not be bad for a few tasks, but each step adds to the total time required to create tasks.

If you want users to use tags, it needs to be more streamlined and obvious.


Hi @Stanford_Griffith and thanks for reaching out!

As it stands it is not possible to have the Tag field appearing by default on all tasks you create in a project, but this is something we could consider for future updates. In the meantime, you might want to look into Custom Fields; once added to your project, the custom field will automatically appear on each task you create in this project!

Hope this helps!

Yes, yes, yes, please! This is so time consuming to have to click every time. And on a Mac, the TAB+T doesn’t even work so it takes extra long to add the tag. I use the tag on every single task I build so this is incredibly tedious and seems like a no-brainer. We should be able to customize which fields are default for all tasks based on how we use the product, this being a perfect example. Otherwise you’re making a useful field (for someone who wants to leverage it) very un-user-friendly. Thank you!