Sports apparel manufacturing company seeking working template

Hi there,

We are an apparel manufacturer for the sports industry and we are thinking of using Asana. I would like to collaborate with similar companies that have their Asana daily work projects tried and tested and can provide us a copy of their working template, instead of us reinventing the wheel.

our process starts> quote>sales order>purchase order>production order>work order>fulfilment>packing>delivery>…how do we keep tract of these processes in Asana. I would like to see project template for similar.

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Hello @Allie3

Welcome to the forum and to Asana indeed.
You are def in for a treat!

I am not from the sport industry, but what you are after can be cross sector.
Have you tried Asana’s premade templates for sales?

There is a section in the guide on how to make your own custom template. It is really simple and straght forward. Here is the link.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Allie3, I’m a consultant that helps companies optimize and deploy Asana. I’m actually currently helping two apparel companies design templates, and if it’s something you want professional help with, I’m happy to chat.

You can reach out here: Asana Consulting » Project Management Pros™